What dogs get along with English foxhounds?

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If you’re the proud owner of an English Foxhound or a prospective dog breeder considering this breed, you may be wondering which other dogs your Hound might get along with. While the answer to that question can vary from one dog and situation to another, having a general idea of their compatibility with other canines is useful for planning out if adding a new pooch to your family will work.

When it comes to picking a potential canine companion for your English Foxhound, several breeds have been found to coexist peacefully. These include fellow Hounds such as the American Foxhound and other sighthound breeds like Greyhounds and Whippets.

Additionally, some terriers – including Airedale Terriers, Jack Russell Terriers, and Rat Terriers – along with some herding dogs like the Collie and Shepherd, have been known to live happily alongside English Foxhounds.

Do English Foxhounds get along with other dogs?

English Foxhounds are known for being good-natured and sweet, which makes them ideal companions for other dogs. Whether living with another English Foxhound or a dog of a different breed, these gentle giants tend to get along well with their canine counterparts.

That said, it’s important to remember that socialization is key when it comes to introducing new pets – having proper introductions and ensuring the new addition feels safe in its surroundings can make all the difference when it comes to getting along.

Are English Foxhounds good with other dogs?

English Foxhounds are known for their genial, reliable temperaments and make great family companions. They usually get along with other dogs very well, as long as their playmates can handle their high energy levels. As pack hounds, these intelligent and active pooches often tend to take charge of any situation, which could lead to conflicts between other dogs if not properly managed.

However, provided that proper introductions are done and socialization is encouraged at an early age, they will generally be kind and friendly toward other canines. Ultimately, when given the right leadership and societal guidance as a pup, English Foxhounds will be good with other dogs!

What dog is similar to an English Foxhound?

If you’re looking for a breed of dog that’s similar to an English foxhound, consider adopting a beagle. Beagles have some similar traits to the foxhound, such as their small size and short tails. With their floppy ears and loyal personalities, they make great family pets, plus they love to explore and go on adventures outdoors!

They can adapt to different kinds of environments, so if you want a pup who will fit right in with your current lifestyle- especially if you like spending time outdoors- then the Beagle might just be the perfect match for you.

What is the friendliest hound dog?

When it comes to friendliness, hound dogs take the cake. There are many breeds of dogs in this category, each with its special personality. A few examples of breed favorites are the Beagle, Dachshund, and Basset Hound – all dogs known for their gentle yet playful demeanor.

Regardless of the breed though, all hound dogs share an easygoing nature that is incredibly appealing to owners. With an even temperament and endearing quirks, these lovable pooches make ideal companions for anyone seeking an upbeat furry companion to cherish for life.

What are the most compatible dog breeds?

When it comes to choosing a dog breed that will fit your lifestyle the best, it can be hard to decide since there are so many breeds out there. Picking one with a great personality and compatibility is key!

Overall, if you are looking for an all-around friendly pup that is likely to get along with everyone in the family, poodles, retrievers, collies, and beagles tend to make great options. They crave attention and love human interaction, making them ideal companions for anyone who likes having an always happy four-legged friend around.

And not to worry—even these cute bundles of energy don’t typically require a ton of daily exercise. In addition to being good with people and other pets, they also have amazing intelligence levels! So what more could you ask for?

Are English Foxhounds affectionate?

English Foxhounds are an incredibly intelligent breed that is known for their work ethic and eagerness when they are out hunting. They also have a very endearing side as they can be incredibly affectionate dogs when around their owners. Not only do they respond well to being with people, but they love being petted and receive rubs, scratches behind the ears, and belly rubs as much as any other breed of dog.

English Foxhounds can be great family pets due to the affection and loyalty that these dogs display. Each dog will show its character traits, of course, so it’s important to take into consideration their particular temperaments when considering having one as a pet.

Are foxhounds friendly?

Foxhounds are highly regarded for their intelligence, loyalty, and friendly nature. They love to spend quality time with their owners and family, making themselves at home in almost any situation!

Despite not being bred to be companions, they are especially affectionate and gentle with children, making them the perfect pet for the whole family. With good training and socialization, foxhounds can be an excellent addition to any household.

Although it’s important to remember that these endearing pups were originally bred for hunting, so they may require a bit more exercise than other breeds.

Are Foxhounds bigger than beagles?

The answer to the question of whether foxhounds are bigger than beagles mostly depends on which type of each breed you’re comparing. For instance, the English Foxhound stands between 22 and 25 inches tall and can weigh up to 80 pounds whereas the American Foxhound typically only grows up to 21 inches and is much lighter, usually weighing between 55 and 75 pounds.

On the other hand, Beagles come in two sizes – standard which may grow as tall as 15 inches and weigh as much as 30 pounds while a miniature variety of Beagle rarely surpasses 12 inches in height and weighs just around 8 or 10 pounds. So depending on which type you’re considering, foxhounds might be bigger or smaller than beagles in size.

Are English foxhounds good guard dogs?

English foxhounds may not be the first breed of dog that comes to mind when you think of guard dogs, but these athletic and friendly pooches still have a lot to offer in terms of protection and security. Because they are so eager to please and love a good challenge, they can easily be trained in the basics of guarding property and alerting owners to unfamiliar people or unusual circumstances.

With their strong sense of smell, English Foxhounds have the potential to make excellent watchdogs – as long as they get plenty of exercises and mental stimulation, they’ll be happy to take on all sorts of home security tasks. When it comes to choosing a guardian for your family, an English Foxhound could very well fit the bill.

Do hound dogs like to cuddle?

While all hound dogs may not be eager, many of them do have a natural inclination to cuddle with their owners. After all, they’re renowned for being incredibly loyal and devoted, so it won’t come as a surprise when your hound offers some puppy love in the form of snuggles and snoozes at your feet.

Plus, those floppy ears make them just look so darned and cozy! A bonus is that hounds are notoriously relaxed animals—before long you can already feel the warmth of their fur and hear the softness of their breath as they drift off into contented slumber in your lap. So if you’ve ever wondered if hound dogs like to cuddle – the answer is yes!


The English Foxhound may be a bit of a challenge to control due to its power and independence, but the right training and patience can create the perfect companion. Other breeds that get along well with this hound include retrievers, Labrador retrievers, golden retrievers, and various terriers.

However, some caution should be taken with other large, energetic canine companions as they may be too much for the English Foxhound. All in all, it’s best to ensure that both breeds in question are introduced safely and cautiously to avoid any potential issues.

Overall, if you’re looking for an active breed of a canine companion, then the English Foxhound is certainly one worth considering. With proper training and guidance – plus plenty of snuggles – you could have the perfect pup for years to come!

John McCaine

John McCaine

I've been caring for hound dogs for all my life. My parents had a beagle when I was born - he was my babysitter as a toddler LOL.
So out of love for hounds I started this blog to share what I know with dog lovers everywhere.

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I’ve been caring for hound dogs for all my life. My parents had a beagle when I was born – he was my babysitter as a toddler LOL.
So out of love for hounds I started this blog to share what I know with dog lovers everywhere.

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